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Unlike traditional methods of tracking employee time, like punch cards and paper timesheets, today’s digital time and attendance systems offer much more than the ability to log when employees come and go. Generating and assigning schedules, managing PTO, and tracking how long employees work on specific tasks are some of the other features employers get with time and attendance solutions. See why tens of thousands of project teams in organizations as diverse as NASA and the Bank of America use our tool to keep on schedule. Take a 30-day free trial of our software today to try these powerful tools for yourself.

The time tracker Toggl and to-do list manager Remember the Milk syncs offline, and RescueTime logs your online usages but lets you manually add details regarding offline usages. You can also consider a good old paper planner, such as one of these beautiful designs from Filofax. In my calendar I have specific blocks of time set aside for specific activities so that I’m trying to figure out how to spend my time. This keeps my calendar organized since I’m not overlapping tasks or meeting. It also guarantees that I remain productive because if it’s not planned I don’t do it.

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In project management, the term ‘resources’ often refers to people. However, you also need to identify which tools, materials, systems, budget and other resources you will need for each task to be completed. Once you have your time management plan, you can start identifying and defining all of your project activities. Often a work breakdown structure is used to help define activities and tasks within a project. These companies will want very strong collaborative capabilities—including very robust document sharing, version control and bug reports—possibly with resource allocation as well. These companies typically will not want invoicing, customer management or other advanced features. 24me is a smart virtual assistant app that helps you make sense of your business day and appointments by combining calendar features, a to-do-list, and note-taking.

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Outside of scheduling, software can also include tools that manage costs, budget, resource allocation, collaboration, communication and reporting. Teams need to talk, share, and move files easily and quickly. The Slack platform is great for real-time direct messaging.

It defines the project goal, scope, resources needed, costs, etc. Only once these have been established can work on a schedule begin. The last thing you want is to miss a critical task after you’ve created your project schedule. Making sure every task is accounted for and lands in the right place to get the project done on time is hard enough, without trying to squeeze in tasks missed. A work breakdown structure is a great tool to make sure you capture every step on the road to your deliverable. Project scheduling software organizes your tasks on a timeline, considers the resources you have to complete the project and manages all those parts to keep the project on track. Software devoted to scheduling a project can assist in the larger role of planning and estimation of the duration of each task.

The project schedule is made up of the specific tasks and due dates for each. It’s a timeline for the project for when the tasks will be started and completed. The schedule is more an estimation based on historical data, experience, etc.

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Here are a few time management books for helping with this. Toggl offers unlimited and free time tracking for individuals. All you have to do is click the play button and the app will begin monitoring the working hours of your employees. Afterwards, you can go through the generated weekly and monthly data on the total hours spent working.

If you need to delegate, MeisterTask creates checklists that share updates as team members complete items. Try MindMaster for presentations and collaborative mind mapping. With ProofHub, track time as you view work on boards and monitor workflows. It also allows you to chat, save discussions, and create reports and Gantt charts all in one platform. To store, share, and sync files, and even manage cloud content from your iPhone, check out Box. If you need time tracking and invoicing, try Timewerks for iOS and the web. For those who have to work without WiFi , there are several apps that will sync your offline work.

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